Ability Graphic Design wins FESPA Awards 2020

Once again, Ability Graphic Design, has been awarded two new prizes for its project “Fantasía Marina” in FESPA ESPAÑA Ramón Sayans 2019 and FESPA Awards 2020 competitions. In both occasions, our company was awarded Gold both at a national and worldwide scale in the digital printing category of POS cardboard or paper 3D exhibitors. We did it again!


FESPA is a very prestigious and leading world graphic arts companies’ federation. Being awarded by such organization means international recognition which motivates us to continue striving towards excellence and continuous improvement.




According to FESPA’s jury: 

Fantasía Marina uses Abiplex’s advantages (name of used cardboard) for repeated, damage-free assembly and disassembly. This makes this cardboard type a lasting, sustainable, recyclable and green POS.”

“This work brings together and perfectly combines creativity, production capacity and careful finish offering the perfect visual narrative for their client’s product and brand image (Conservas Dani).”

impresion digital ramon sayans


To manufacture this product, we have used our special cardboard called Abiplex which allows the production of this complex, light, modular, and resistant but also 100% recyclable and green structure. 

Each module has been designed to be fully self-assembled without anchoring or fastening accessories so that the product is easily managed at the point of sale. 

The cardboard core has been covered with recyclable, adhesive paper to achieve a smooth and elegant, humidity-protecting coating. 

The whole structure is delivered horizontally, with assembly instructions, individually packaged and on a pallet to optimize space and reduce delivering and storing costs. 

Our participation on the FESPA’s events has enabled us to present our design and structure development ability to the world. Fantasía Marina is a proof of our philosophy towards a constant improvement and shows all we have to offer to our clients regarding the production of any kind of POS material. 

It is a great satisfaction to have been awarded these prizes and we wish to communicate this success to our entire team and our clients who help us move forward every day in close collaboration.

If you want more information about our company or want to download our catalogue and works, you can use the following links:

About us



With nothing further at present, we are at your disposal for any new project in which we may collaborate together. 


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