CSR – Corporate Social Responsability

At Ability we are aware of the importance of contributing positively to society by returning some of the profit we generate with our activity and therefore we act according CSR policies which support a fairer and respectfuller environment. Our specific action areas are the following:

Our in-house Human Resources Management is focused on a continuous staff training both internally and externally through different workshops on specific programmes and skills training. We also strongly believe in equality and for that reason, we apply responsible and non-discriminatory procurement practices and seek a varied working team. Moreover, equal salaries and career plans for women who are a reality at Ability. Finally, we also try to improve our employees’ personal and professional life reconcialition by using shift and rotation systems.

Every member of Ability’s team understands the importance of a safe working environment and therefore, we have identified and explained to our staff all potencial risks and preventive measures adopted for them so that they know how to react in case of an accident.

Besides, at Ability, we are fully commited to the environment. We apply waste reduction policies by using control and waste recycling systems both for solid and liquid waste for which we have closed contracts with authorized managers. Furthermore, our production processes are created to be green so they have a minimal impact on the environment. Our organizative process is customer-driven from the beginning to the end and therefore we are focused on knowing their needs and guarantee their satisfaction both with our processes and products. To achieve a continuous improvement in both areas, at Ability we apply control processes to guarantee our customers satisfaction.

At Ability, we also contribute to improving our external environment by developing environmentally friendly policies. Most of our team is local which means an improvement of the local economy and we also support social welfare and collaborate with certain NGOs.

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